Camlica Kids Africa was born out of a desire to inspire and educate children in the early stages of
childhood development. These crucial stages and plays a pivotal role in how a child develops
throughout his/her life. Our content is geared towards intellectual stimulation and growth.
We pride ourselves on providing world-class, interactive material that engages and stimulates
young minds.
Our passion for childhood development is focused primarily on educational advancement
through sensory stimulation and direct learning practices. Our team of experts strives to
create relevant and meaningful learning material that meets international standards. Each
piece of content is carefully selected to have the most valuable impact on the child’s
learning experience.

We have also partnered with several institutions across Africa to ensure that our material
aligns with current international educational standards and practices. Our aim is to provide
quality interactive educational material that will inspire and encourage children to seek
further knowledge.

Our Camlıca Kids Africa Magazine is a broad-based publication aimed at entertaining and
educating children. The content-rich publications are specifically designed to encourage
children to think critically, read and comprehend, improve their vocabulary, and ultimately
contribute to their multi-dimensional development.